L.S.L. Lawn Service of Southern Maryland is a locally owned lawn care service business in the Southern Maryland area. L.S.L. Lawn Service analyzes your lawn, determining its grass and soil types, turf density, exposure, diseases, insects, weeds and even pet damage. We use this information to develop a treatment program solving your lawn's specific problems while boosting its strengths. With 30 years' experience creating beautiful lawns, we guarantee we can transform yours.

Mowing and watering is not always enough for growing a beautiful lawn; it is best to use a lawn treatment service. We can help you, the homeowner, avoid the headaches from treating your lawn on your own. We service lawns in the Southern Maryland counties of Calvert County, St. Mary's County, Charles County and Prince Georges County and King George Virginia.

Maryland Lawn Care

Why Choose L.S.L. Lawn Service Southern Maryland?

A service program tailored to your lawn's needs

We base this on our lawn care analysis, to determine its grass and soil types, turf density, exposure, diseases, insects, weeds and even pet damage.

Lawn care designed around your goals

We work with your ideas to accomplish how you want your lawn to look.

Professional-grade products offered only by us

We provide professional fertilizers, insect control, weed control, grass seed, disease controls, grub control, and more.

Certified, trained landscaping professionals

Our professional lawn experts are thoroughly trained and certified to perform lawn inspections, diagnosis and treatment.

Conscientious, expert service all season long

With L.S.L. Lawn Service, your lawn will get season-long attention. We will examine it carefully, evaluating its development during every visit and adjusting your custom treatment program as your lawn improves. We will even help you set up the best mowing and watering schedule vital for your lawn's success.

FREE service calls within 48 hours

Full-program customers can call between your regularly scheduled visits and we will send a L.S.L. Lawn Service specialist to take care of the problem right away.

Environmental stewardship

Strong and green lawns help cool the environment, filter rainwater, prevent erosion and improve air quality. We offer certified organic options to enhance these benefits and use the most effective, environmentally friendly products possible. Our fertilizers are designed to make your lawn so thick and full that you may actually need to water less over time. We have highly accurate equipment so we never over treat your lawn.

Treatment programs as long as you want

With L.S.L. Lawn Service, there are no long-term commitments; you are free to stop your program at any time.

Results the other services can't deliver

Many L.S.L. Lawn Service customers used other lawn services before us. Most wished they had changed sooner.

Absolute satisfaction guarantee

L.S.L. Lawn Service stands behind our service and our products. Your lawn program is built around your lawn's specific strengths and weaknesses and the goals you have for it. If you are not completely satisfied with the results you get, simply let us know and we'll make it right.

BBB Accredited Business

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Other Southern Maryland Lawn Care Services

Deer Tick Control and Deer Tick Lawn Treatment

Many deer ticks carry, and spread, bacteria that cause Lyme disease. If you are concerned about Lyme disease and the existence of deer ticks in your yard, L.S.L. can apply a treatment to the area between lawn areas and wooded areas (where you find deer ticks) and to the lawn area if necessary to reduce in the number of ticks on your landscape.

Natural Pest Control

LSL now offers natural pest control without pesticides but with beneficial insects like ladybugs and nematodes which prey on harmful insects or their larvae.

Safe and Effective Mole & Vole Control Repellents

The mole and vole repellent products LSL uses are safe and effective products made with natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. These products are made with castor oil, an emulsifier, and cinnamon, garlic and pepper oils. LSL recommends that you let the repellent dry before you let your pet or children play in the yard because they may come in smelling like castor oil and garlic!


Fertilizers: Will your fertilizers dry out my lawn during the summer?

Our fertilizers will not burn or dry out your grass during the heat of summer, helps your lawn survive the summer heat stress and are ready to assist in your lawn's recuperation when you do water after a drought.

Weeds: Why won't my weeds die?

Weeds begin to curl and wither in 5-7 days, but may take up to 21 days before they are gone completely. Hot weather, a heavy rain within 24 hours of treatment, or mowing immediately after an application can reduce control.

Can dandelions be prevented from showing up in my lawn?

They cannot be prevented, just controlled in late spring, after they have sprouted.

How soon can I water my lawn?

It is best to leave our products on any weeds you have until they are absorbed, usually at least 24 hours.

Insects: I see beetles on my lawn and in my shrubs. Does this mean I also have grubs?

After defoliating ornamentals, shrubs and some trees, beetles lay their eggs in the soil and their eggs hatch into grubs that begin feeding on the roots of your lawn, depriving it of nourishment.

Fleas make our dog miserable every summer. Can you help?

Yes, we can treat your lawn in the summer to control the fleas and ticks.

Is it OK that your technician applied our weed control on a rainy day?

Weed control products are primarily absorbed through pores in the weeds' leaves. As long as the product is not washed off the leaf, control will occur.

Service: We've had disappointments with lawn services in the past. Why should we think L.S.L. Lawn Service will be any different?

We guarantee that your lawn is always cared for by certified field tested technicians, and we continually evaluate our field staff on the quality of their service.

Is your service guaranteed?

Yes you must be fully satisfied with the results you see, visit after visit. If not, simply let us know and we'll make things right.

Maintenance: Can I mow the same day my lawn is treated?

You can mow immediately after we apply our fertilizers, but do not mow for at least 24 hours after we apply our weed control products.

How long should we stay off our lawn after you visit?

If your lawn received a granular treatment of fertilizers you can begin lawn activity right away. If a liquid weed control, please stay off the grass until the liquid has dried, usually one to several hours depending on temperature, humidity and wind.

How safe are your products (for my kids and pets, for example)?

Our fertilizers are not considered hazardous material and contain many of the same active ingredients as the products from your local nursery or garden store. When used by our professional technicians in strict compliance with labeled instructions, they do not represent any significant threat to your family or pets.

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